I can't unstake from the boardroom?

Each transaction (staking/unstaking/claiming BTD) in the boardroom resets the lockdown timer. You can withdraw BTD after 3 epochs and BTS after 6 epochs.

I unstaked or bought tokens but they're not in my wallet?

Sometimes transactions take a few seconds to be broadcast over the BSC chain. Wait a bit longer and see what happens. Your wallet (metamask, trustwallet, etc) also needs to know the tokens that you have just attained. If your wallet isn't familiar yet with BTD or BTS you can add them manually by adding the token contracts in your wallet.

BTS: 0xc2e1acef50aE55661855E8dcB72adB182A3cC259

BTD: 0xD1102332a213E21faF78B69C03572031F3552c33

If all else fails you can always fall back to bscscan.com to see what happened with your transaction.

Where can I see what my transactions did?

The Binance Smart Chain has a scanning tool that can show you your transactions and allows you to zoom in into them to see what the smart contract steps are. You can find it at https://bscscan.com/.

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