Within the Bolt ecosystem, BTS is the asset with the highest overall “value”. Not only has the token itself a market value but if there is an expansion after an epoch (If the TWAP is above its $1.01 peg) all staked BTS shares will receive a part of that expansion.

So the value of the share is not only the price of the asset itself but also the total amount of BTD that you generated while holding it in the boardroom.

Max supply

BTS has a capped supply of 179,999 tokens that are slowly minted in the Bolt Dollar banks over a period of approximately 12 months since the start of the project. After all, BTS are minted there will be no new emissions.

Minting & Distribution

Bolt Dollar has two banks that generate BTS. These banks can be found on the and will enable you to stake assets and generate BTS. You will always stake Liquidity Provider tokens (LP). These LP tokens are assets that combine two different tokens to provide liquidity to banks or yield farms.


  • Distribution: 139,999 BTS

  • Start expansion: 28,000 BTS weekly

  • Started: 2021-01-11

  • Expansion reduction: -20% weekly


  • Distribution: 39,999 BTS (over one year)

  • Started: 2021-01-11

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