Removing an LP token

When you're done farming and want to use the individual tokens for other investments you need to break up your LP token first. In our previous example, we went with $BUSD and $BTD and we created a BTD-BUSD LP token. In this example, we will break up the same token again in their individual parts.

Note: You need to unstake your LP tokens before trying to break them up. For simplicity, we assume that you did so before taking the next steps.

Step 1: Pancakeswap

Step 2: Selecting your pool

Pancake usually automatically detects your active pool. If that's the case you'll see your BTD-BUSD LP in the selection menu.

If you don't see your liquidity pool there you need to manually import it again:

  • Click on "Import it"

  • Select the top coin and set it to BTD.

(If BTD is unknown you can add: "0xD1102332a213E21faF78B69C03572031F3552c33")

  • Select the bottom coin and set it to BUSD

  • Approve the pool

Step 3: Removing liquidity from your pool

Now you're all set to remove tokens from your LP token:

  • Click on "Remove" to enter the next screen

  • Click on "Approve" in the next screen first

  • Select the number of tokens you want to remove with the slider

  • Click on "Remove"

  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

It may take a few seconds for the operation to be completed but within a short while, the individual tokens will be back in your wallet again.

Remove Liquidity:

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