Investor strategies

the strategies outlined on this page are outdated and no longer relevant

There are some simple strategies that ensure a stable Bolt Dollar ecosystem.

Investing BTD in Yield farming / Pools

One of the best ways to keep BTD above its peg is to take the daily boardroom gains (from 3 epochs) and stake them into a pool that's auto compounding. These pools combine the BTD and BUSD tokens into a liquidity pool (LP) token and invest it into the Bolt Dollar ecosystem. Where normally pools would generate other tokens (for instance on the BUSD/BTD pool generates $Alloy) these pools compound the gains into more LP tokens.

Currently, there are no providers who provide auto compounding BTD pairs:

  • BTD/BUSD LP and BTS/BUSD LP will still get LP rewards from pancakeswap for every exchange made

  • BTS-BUSD LP Vault emissions ended at block 13720500

  • BTS is now only available on the open market

Buying BTS with your BTD

BTS is the token with the highest 'value' within the Bolt Dollar ecosystem. With the daily BTD that is generated with your boardroom staked BTS you can buy extra BTS and stake them as well. Hereby generating even more BTD next epoch and helping to increase demand for BTS. Just make sure that you claim your boardroom BTD before staking extra BTS. As staking will reset the lockdown timer!

Staking BTD / BTS in the Bolt Dollar Bank- has finished

ALL 179,999 BTS are distributed there will be no extra minting of BTS.

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