Bolt Dollar is a rebranding of the original Bat Dollar that was implemented on the Binance Smart Chain as a monetary system for a game. Bat Dollar has been abandoned because the original developer didn't have enough time/experience to fully integrate an algorithmic Stablecoin into his system. Bat Dollar was a fork of Basis Cash that was audited by Certik on 2020-11-06.

When the game developer abandoned Bat Dollar the community took over the project and after an intensive internal audit by experienced solidity developers the Stablecoin code was deemed 'safe' and the keys (and thus control) was handed over to a small community team.

Seeing as Bolt Dollar is a community project there is no dev-vault or marketing budget. After the rebrand, and launch of the new website, a community treasury will be set up that will enable the Bolt Dollar community to pay for an external audit. The best time for an external audit will be after the next set of changes has been implemented to the base protocol.

As soon as the audit has been completed this Gitbook will be updated with the results.

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